Friday, January 28, 2011

Bible School for the Nations, Pokhara, Nepal

Two of our YWAM Idaho staff are in a village just outside of Pokhara, Nepal, right now attending a YWAM Bible School for the Nations (BSN).  This pic is of the staff and students.  Lillian (from Norway) is the blond in the back row. Lillian staffs our Backpackers DTS.  Zach (from McCall, ID) is standing at the far right of the second row, just in front of his brother, Caleb.  Zach is also teaching at this school.  Zach willl be leading our own BSN in Idaho starting in May.  And, yes, that is Annapurna in the background.  What an awesome place to be studying the Bible!

Here is their classroom.  Mark Evans, from New Zealand and currently on staff at YWAM Madison, WI, is teaching.  Mark spoke for our Bible school last year and is helping us transition into the BSN curriculum.

Some days were just too beautiful to stay inside.  I think I'd be a little distracted by the awesome view!

But these students appear hard at work.  Thanks, Zach, for sharing your pictures!

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